Green Moon is an early childhood development program for children ages 15 months through 7 years based in a learning approach that emphasizes educating the whole child - emotionally, socially, physically and cognitively - in an experience-based, interdisciplinary and collaborative setting.


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Under the Green Moon model, each class curriculum provides a setting in which children can explore and develop. Green Moon calls this a Gap Program, catering to children too young for a nursery school, yet yearning to gain independence and enrichment from interacting with other children, and growing outside the home. 

As a foundation, instructors are taught to assess and highlight the interests of each individual child, while using their preferences and experiences as learning tools.  They believe in process over product. Green Moon stresses the significance of each child’s experience and does not judge or evaluate the end-product.  

Before each session begins, projects are selected, using specific criteria that follows the Green Moon approach.  Founders, Veronica and Lorena, choose projects as the foundation for the session's curriculum, and provide instructors with a plan.

Children at Green Moon follow a flexible schedule that meets the individual needs of the diverse population served by the program. The plan for development will allow for cultural, language and developmental differences to be addressed.   Additionally, classes offer sufficient opportunity for developing physical skills, including outdoor activities during Green Moon Playgroups, which will allow for fine and gross motor development.   All classes, with the exception of Art and Friend & Me classes, include story time and music, which helps children develop and improve their language and communication skills. Addtionally, Green Moon’s method and curriculum encourage problem-solving experiences, seeking to improve their students’ language development and sensory discrimination. 

And, to showcase the child’s art experience, at the end of each Green Moon session, students will complete a ‘portfolio’ of art projects, featuring artwork for parents, family and friends to view.

Veronica  &  Lorena

Veronica Ponce and Lorena Balne proudly opened Green Moon in February 2009. After years of working in education, focusing on early childhood development, Veronica and Lorena realized their dream – to create a place where children gather to celebrate learning through art, while developing their social, physical and cognitive skills.

Before opening Green Moon, Veronica worked with young children for years, including as a nursery school teacher for toddlers and in roles such as head teacher.  Veronica obtained a Master’s in Early Childhood Special and General Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York, New York. 

Lorena also worked for years with young children before teaming with Veronica, including as a nursery school teacher.  She earned a B.A. in Family Studies - which covered coursework in early childhood development - from the University of Connecticut.  

All Green Moon employees have obtained, or are currently seeking a degree in, or related to, early childhood development.

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Lorena and Veronica's love of children can be seen in all they do. They are excited to continue their adventures at Green Moon.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."

quote.pngPablo Picasso

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

quote.pngA. Einstein


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